Goals and Achievements

Building Capacity Through Innovation

The need to find sustainable solutions to healthcare has only intensified. Bricks and mortar cannot continue to address our increasing service needs.  Our strategy is to re-organize and integrate existing local resources and improve the way care is delivered. We have worked diligently to identify areas where there are unmet needs, and seek to address them through sustainable solutions. This is cost effective. 

Success will continue to be driven by our ability to seek innovative strategies that provide better and value added results for our health care system, our community and our residents. 

We have a balanced approach between incremental innovations and more far-reaching innovations. There are no shortcuts in this process. It takes vision, confidence,and discipline to set these tests of change to identify proven success.

We continue to actively evaluate opportunities to build our capacity in our communities centred on high-quality, high value, person-centred care and are pleased to share with you our activities.