Our Staff

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Portfolio & Vice President



Executive Office: Sharon Lee Smith, CEO, Mississauga Halton LHIN         

Dr. Mira Backo-Shannon 


Director, Physician Engagement, Integration and Relationship Management 

Research & Innovation Officer 

Carie Gall

Bonnie Scott

Finance, Performance and Corporate Services
Dale McGregor


Director, Decision Support 

Director, Information Technology & Information Management 

Director, Finance

Director, Health System Performance, Funding & Contract Management 

Director, Service Provider Performance, Contract Management & Corporate Procurement 

Rod Millard

Donald Stokes

Steven Gao

Laura Salisbury

Pauline Gourley 


Health System Strategy, Integration and Planning
Angela Burden


Director, Strategy Integration & Planning 

Director, Communications & Engagement 

Odelia Andrea

Maureen Buchanan

Home and Community Care 
David Fry


Director, Professional Practice & Programming

Director, Coordinated Access

Director, Integrated Care (SWM) 

Director, Integrated Care (NWM) 

Director, Integrated Care (EM/SE) 

Director, Integrated Care (OAK) 

Director, Integrated Care (HH/MI)

Charmaine Lodge 

Priti Patel 


Raymond Kao

Christine Roberts

Janet Wright 

Katarina Busija 

Quality and People
Jutta Schafler Argao


Director, People Planning & Services 

Director, People Development & Engagement 

Director, Quality & Risk 

Karen Dobbie

Ann De Krey 

Angela Jacobs

Regional Programs 
Liane Fernandes


Director, Regional Programs, Palliative Care (regional palliative network) 

Director, Regional Programs, Mental Health & Addictions 

Director, Regional Programs 

Katherine Davison 

Sandy Rao 

Susan Swartzack